29.01.2021 My latest TEDx speech.

22.01.2021 I talked to Aşkın Baysal at Tvnet.

21.11.2020 I talked to Mert Aydıner at EkoTürk.

13.10.2020 I shared the latest FutureBright findings in Habertürk morning program.

28.07.2020 I wrote my latest article about Social Media legislation for FikirTuru.

06.07.2020 We talked about the new social media legislation with Serap Belet and Selçuk Tepeli, Habertürk. Here is a short video.

24.06.2020 In #MediaCatLive, I talked to Pelin Özkan on the pandemics relationship with metaphors.

12.06.2020 A short section from the interview with editor-in-chief Serdar Turan, Harvard Business Review. Video.

10.06.2020 My latest article for Digital Age.

31.05.2020 I talked to Fadime Özkan and Özlem Zengin in Ince Fikir.

21.05.2020 Aysun Karabıyık shared our research in her Ekonomist column.

09.05.2020 We interviewed with Serdar Akdoğar in Haber Global's Artı Eksi.

07.05.2020 We interviewed with Ahmet Kasım Han in TV100's Yüz Yüze.

06.05.2020 I shared my latest Covid observations with Habertürk.

06.05.2020 Fatoş Karahasan shared our research in her CNN Türk column.

02.05.2020 We interviewed with Aşkın Baysal in TVNet's Vlog.

16.04.2020 We interviewed with Serap Belet and Selçuk Tepeli in Habertürk Güne Başlarken.

03.04.2020 I talked to Platin magazine. Click for the interview: 1 2 3

01.04.2020 Webinar with Marketing Turkiye.

30.03.2020 My latest article about those who can not stay at home during Corona times, published in Marketing Türkiye.

18.03.2020 My latest article for Digital Age.

17.03.2020 The corona will take out a warrior from the child hiding under the table for so long! My latest article for Marketing Türkiye.

28.02.2020 We talked with Oğuzhan Aygören on Digital Privacy, Bloomberg HT. Click for the video.

26.02.2020 We came together as Lenovo, FutureBright, TEGV, İTÜ ARI Teknokent and Başarsoft to established the “Let's Produce with Technology” platform. Click for the news.

16.02.2020 Video from my appearance at Ince Fikir.

27.12.2019 We are part of the team which launched Turkey's Electrical Vehicle .

23.12.2019 We spoke about 2020's digital stories with Askin Baykal.

17.12.2019 We talked about the K-Pop trend.

16.11.2019 Short video from my new appearance at Serdar Akdogar's baska gundem.

11.07.2019 I presented at Brand Week Istanbul about Turkey's Implicit Memory. Click for the pic .

14.10.2019 Short video from my new appearance at Açelya Akkoyun's Akla Takılanlar.

21.09.2018 Short video from my appearance at Bloomberg HT.

13.08.2019 Voting started for me to become a speaker at SXSW 2020 TX Austin Festival. Here is the notice.

19.07.2018 Short video from my appearance at Gündem Özel debate.

17.07.2019 Ouf Dubai office is ready to go. Here are some pics: 1 2

12.07.2019 Short video from my new appearance at Başka Gündem: debate .

30.05.2019 Had an interview with Ahmet Kasım Han and Yalın Alpay. And here is the video.

29.04.2019 Had an interview with Oylum Talu on Haberturk Tv. And here is the video.

16.04.2019 I got the "Inspiration Name of the Year 2018" plaque from Lenovo. It came with a super gift. For photo please click.

14.04.2019 Short video from my new appearance at Başka Gündem debate.

06.04.2019 I talked to Bülent Yar on Bloomberg screens. Click for the video.

09.01.2019 My 2019 predictions were published in Marketing Turkiye magazine 1 2

30.12.2018 Short video from my appearance at Başka Gündem debate .

08.12.2018 I met with Bosphorus University students. And here is a pic.

07.12.2018 We met with Yekta Saraç, the president of the Council of Higher Education in Turkey. We talked about the future professions and the future of professions. And here is a pic.

04.12.2018 We met with Philip Kotler at Kotler Gala Night.

30.11.2018 At the People Make The Brand conference, I talked about how algorithms are changing company cultures. Here is a pic.

07.09.2018 I have interviewed world-famous marketer, Harvard Business School Professor Gerald Zaltman about his new book called "Unlocked". At the same time this interview is the first one Professor Zaltman has given about his new book in the world. 1 2 3

16.05.2018 As Bilgi University teaching staff, we have organized the #consumeradventure event 1 2

29.04.2018 My CNN Turk, Gündem Özel program debate: Video 1 2

28.02.2018 I met with Izmir youth 1 2

17.01.2018 At Unilever's annual conference, I met with thousands of Unilever people 1 2 3

09.01.2018 My 2018 predictions were published in Marketing Turkiye magazine 1 2 3

31.11.2017 Click for my end year speech.

23.11.2017 My Marketing Turkiye Manisa speech.

22.11.2017 I met with Kültür University students. Click for pics: 1 2.

8.11.2017 At Brand Week 2017, I talked about customer experience. And here is a pic.

17.09.2017 Legendary names of customer experience at #BrandWeek2017. Mark 8th of November.

26.05.2017 FutureBright was ranked Effie’s best 55th independent agency in Europe and no other research company is ranked above us.

18.05.2017 We attended XCO 2017 as the Best of Customer Experience. Here are the pics: 1 2.

11.05.2017 My Marketing Turkiye Kayseri speech.

10.05.2017 My Marketing Meetup future speech.

28.04.2017 My Marketing Turkiye Eskişehir talk pic.

27.04.2017 I will be talking at the "Top Names of Customer Experience Summit 2017". Here is the Marketing Turkey news.

06.04.2017 My Marketing Turkiye Eskişehir speach.

02.04.2017 My latest newspaper interview.

23.03.2017 At the ThirdEye event, I met with Abdi İbrahim's marketing teams, and talked about the new world of insights. Here's a pic .

06.10.2016 An article on my Kristal presentation published at Bigumigu.

29.09.2016 Received a letter of appreciation by renowned Professor Gerald Zaltman & Harvard University.

21.09.2016 At Kristal Elma 2016 I will speak about "Data Rationality and Humans”.

29.08.2016 I was invited to make the opening speech of Vestel's new hall.

02.06.2016 At KalDer's Conference, TÜSİAD's Vice President Şükrü Ünlütürk, Enocta's CEO Ahmet Hançer and me talked about how we grew our companies in time of change. Please click for pics: 1 2 3  

23.05.2016 I presented at the Consumer Experience Summit. Click for pics:   1 2  

12.05.2016 We & Intel jointly carried out the"Turkey's Dream Map" study; which was covered in over 30 newspapers and TV programs. Hürriyet Milliyet Fortune  

30.04.2016 I came together with the marketing world at Marketing Meetup Istanbul. Click for pics: 1 2  

01.04.2016 I was invited for a Effie 2016 Jury post, which I gladly accepted.  

28.02.2016 I met with Bilkent University students. Click for pics here: 1 2  

21.02.2016 I met with Koç University students. Click for pics here: 1 2  

04.02.2016 BNew Olson Zaltman - FutureBright Group partnership was covered by Milliyet News  

03.02.2016 New Olson Zaltman - FutureBright Group partnership was covered by Marketing Türkiye  

28.01.2016 My latest interview was published in Bilkent University's magazine. I'am proud graduate of the same. Click for Interview 1 2 3 4  

18.11.2015 Fiat has honored us with a personal thank you letter. Proud with my team. For the letter please click

10.11.2015 I presented on Behavioural Economics to Intel’s US/Europe/Asia R&D directors at Intel Europe. Here are some pics: 1 2

05.11.2015 I trained young strategists at the Advertising Foundation training. Here are some pics: 1 2 3  

27.05.2015 I met with Intel META regional managers and presented on "New Youth Code". It was a nice meeting with more than 200 people audience.

15.02.2015 I met with Koç University students. Here are the pics: 1 2    

31.12.2014 Our companies reached a growth rate of 100% this year as well. We had a small celebration  

27.11.2014 I presented on Smart Shopping at the Trade 2.0 Conference. Here's the pic

21.11.2014 I was invited by Bloomberg TV to talk about Turkcell Superonline's latest campaign. Here is the video.

10.10.2014 I was interviewed by Chip Online on Big Data. Please click for the video

17.09.2014 I will be teaching on Consumer Behavior at  Bilgi University this semester  

01.09.2014 My article on Insight and Technology was published at Harvard Business Review Turkey. For detail please click  

23.07.2014 Turkey's top telecom company Turkcell and my company - FutureBright organized a workshop titled "Advanced Marketing". Turkey's top marketers attended. Here's the pic

18.05.2014 I was part of a panel discussion at the KUMPEM retail conference. Here's the pic

05.04.2014 I met with Koç University students. Here's the pic. And the news covered by Milliyet newspaper.

01.12.2013 I met with Galatasaray University students. Here's the pic

28.10.2013 I presented on NEW AGE MARKETING at Intel's TechTalks. And here are some pics: 1 2 3

01.07.2013 I wrote a column for Campaign about "Trends Vs Fads". Please click for article.

29.04.2013 Within the "Strategy Stars Camp" event organized by Advertisers foundation of Turkey, I will train the young strategists of the advertising industry. Click for details

18.04.2013 Had a speech on neuro marketing in Konya Karatay Üniversitesi. Click for the photo

01.04.2013 Had an interview with Campaign on "Slow Marketing".

27.03.2013 My MEC seminer speach is on. Click for the video

21.02.2013 I will be talking at the MEC seminer. Click for the advert

08.02.2013 Covered in national newspapers Hürriyet / Radikal

02.02.2013 Had an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek on "Banks and Celebrities". Click for a pic

25.01.2013 As of moment I finished grading creative content as part of my jury duties..

27.12.2012 I came to an agreement with Turkcell Akademi for conducting series of trainings on Consumer Behavior for the year 2013.

21.12.2012 We came to an agreement with Enkuba Technologies for mentoring new mobile and digital start-ups.

07.12.2012 As part of Türev Consulting's program I met with Aegean region companies in İzmir. Click for a photo

05.11.2012 I started consulting Turkcell, GSK, Planad & Okyanus Kolejleri.

15.10.2012 We formed Davranış Enstitüsü

28.09.2012 I left my post in Grey Worldwide

25.05.2012 I had a TEDx talk on "What Adman Has Learned From Sports". For pics: 1 2

20.05.2012 I shared my opinion on carbonated drinks category. Click for the BusinessWeek story: 1 2

13.05.2012 I shared my opinion on electronics category. Click for the BusinessWeek story

07.05.2012 I was invited by TGRT News to talk about what will I present on the upcoming TEDx event. Here is the news.

04.04.2012 I went back to my school after 12 years to meet with the students. Here are some pics: 1 2

22.03.2012 I met with Marmara University students. Here are some pics: 1 2

06.02.2012 Zaman Newspaper - Macedonia interview

02.02.2012 I shared my opinion on product placement in TV series. Click for the Infomag news

02.01.2012 As part of a jury selecting the "ads of the month" for the Infomag magazine I have made my first selection. For the news please click

28.07.2011 I have trained the attachés of ministry of culture who will be sent to countries abroad on new ways of communication. Click for more details

27.06.2011 I’ve joined the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Soon I will share my thoughts on my blog. Here is a pic

16.06.2011 I presented on cultural sensitiveness to Stuttgart Media University (HdM) students. Here is the pic

04.04.2011 I shared my view on our Effie success to MediaCat magazine. Here is the news

24.03.2011 Talked about “New Generation and Feelings” at IKFY Summit. Here are the pics: 1 2 3

18.03.2011 Talked about “New Entrepreneurship” at BilgiARENA. Here are the pics: 1 2 3

16.03.2011 A good year. Two Golden Effie awards. Here are some pics: 1 2 3

15.02.2011 Featured in Marketing Turkiye as a member of selection committee in charge of determining the revolutionary ads of Turkey. Here is the coverage

01.02.2011 Received a letter of appreciation from my school, Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

08.01.2011 Teached on advertising strategies to visiting students from Marmara University's Industrial Engineering Faculty. Here's some pics: 1 2 3

11.12.2010 Teached on advertising strategies in Istanbul Business School. Here's some pics: 1 2 3

10.11.2010 I will be training young professionals in Istanbul Business School in the next season. Here is the poster.

02.11.2010 The managing director of UK's top network for distribution of palletized freight Pall-Ex, Adrian Russell quotes me in Daily Telegraph. Click for the news.

09.10.2010 Teached on marketing & advertising to young professionals.. Here's some pics: 1 2 3

02.10.2010 Andrew Cave covers a story on me at UK’s “The Daily Telegraph”...

18.09.2010 I was a guest on the Reklamın İyisi program of SkyTurk TV where I talked about strategy & advertising.

14.09.2010 I presented to UK's best Business Thinkers on cultural sensitiveness & local insights for effective marketing and branding in Turkey

04.09.2010 I heard lot of interesting advertising ideas from the visiting ADMAN students. Here's some pics: 1 2

05.08.2010 As of today, Makturk.com a site I've built, is a site of over 5 million visitors

02.07.2010 An article of mine on "BrandFootball" was published in The BrandAge

01.07.2010 An interview with me on our latest campaign published in Marketing Turkiye

05.06.2010 I instructed on "Strategy Development" in “İstanbul Teknik University organized by "1-0 Egitim Merkezi" . Here's some pics: 1 2 3 4

02.06.2010 I was offered and accepted membership in Advertising Self Regulatory Board

15.05.2010 I was invited by PİK – Marketing Communicatins Club, where I lectured on breakthroughs in advertisement. Here's some pics: 1 2 3

09.05.2010 I was invited as a guest lecturer to Bilgi University , where I had a chance to meet the brilliant marketing minds of the future. Here's some pics: 1 2 3

16.04.2010 I was invited as a guest lecturer to Bahcesehir University , where I had a chance to meet future advertisers. Here's a Pic..

26.12.2009 New entry on me at Uludag Sozluk

20.11.2009 Moving to Grey Worldwide - Istanbul to lead the strategic planning department

17.10.2009 As of today, Makturk.com a site I've built, reached a visitor number of 4.2 million

06.06.2009 An interview with me on "Children Advertisements" published in Turkish Time

01.04.2009 An article of mine on "Turkish Advertisements" was published in Marketing Turkiye: 1 2

26.02.2009 As of today, Makturk.com a site I've built, reached a visitor number of 3.5 million